Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creative people I admire - Maureen Rowan

You dont have to produce something crafty from scratch to be creative.  Yesterday Liam and myself attended the launch of this Irish Language phrase book in Ranelagh.  It was a great occasion for us because 99% of the hard work involved in producing the phrasebook was done by my lifelong  friend Maureen, who has organised and co-ordinated an Irish Language conversation group (Na Cabairi Raghnallagh) for the past year or thereabouts.
The Little Book of Ranelagh
What makes this book stand out from any other Irish language phrasebook you might come across is that it is based on what we might say or hear locally: eg In the Barbers/In the Park/In the Off-Licence/In the Coffee/Bicycle shop......ok get the picture.  Speaking about pictures the book is illustrated with great photos from all the relevant establishments!  AND it includes a chapter on Texting in Irish (as Gaeilge)!  I was really impressed by the chapter on Curses and Insults.  My only complaint - they didnt go far enough!Now, I have to say that I was a bit nervous about going to this event.  My Irish language skills arent up to much and my most used word would be "eerrr....".  But there was a lovely friendly athmosphere and the launch speech was made by Antione O Coilean, Chief Executive of Gael Linn and we could understand every word, which is a complement to Antoine, not to our language skills.  There was coffee (caife), sandwiches (ceaparai), soup (anraith) and Pringles (Pringles!) on the house and best of all the Ranelagh Phrasebook is free (saor in aisce) and you can find it in the Arts Centre, 26 Ranelagh or leave a comment and I'll organise a copy for you.

There was a massive amount of work involved in producing the phrasebook; selecting what to include, proof reading, grammar and spell checking, organising sponsorship, photographs, printing, the launch to concide with  local Arts Festival...    If this is not being creative then what is?  Today, so many people are concerned with earning money, pushing their businesses forward, self promotion etc etc it is great to see how voluntary efforts can produce a morale-raising event and a gem of a phrasebook.
Maureen and the Ranelagh Phrasebook

Geraldine x

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  1. Hi Geraldine ..I would love to get a copy of that phrase book if possible.


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