Friday, October 11, 2013

My First YouTube video

Have been so busy getting ready for craft fairs etc that I didn't feel in blogging mode.  Yesterday I made 20+ crochet brooches for a sale of work.  Needed some way of keeping track of them and wasn't in the humour for photographing them 1 by 1, uploading, editing etc etc so today I sat down with my new Ipad and figured out how to make a video and uploaded it to ain't perfect: I am not a tecchy person and you can hear the dogs playing in the background, my hands shake, my fingers are in tatters, my voice is too low (I was terrified of sounding like those "shouty" ladies you come across on Youtube!)....but I did it without any help from the in house techno man!    Here is the link  why not subscribe as I'm planning to have a little giveaway sooner or later?  The photo is of a machine embroidered "Failte" sign (the Irish for Welcome  ie welcome to my YouTube offering!)  and some little lavender bags I made recently.
Hope everybody is well and settling in for the wintery nights.
Ger x
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