Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tags and Crochet Baby blanket

This little pink blanket was made to order for a very good customer, Maureen, who can crochet herself but hasnt got the time. It is a present for a little girl in Co. Galway.

Some tags I made for a tag swap. The theme was "Flowers" and I was trying to get the effect of early summer growth and lush greenness.


  1. Gorgeous blanket Geraldine, such a pretty stitch. Loving the tags too, those little flowers are gorgeous, did you make those too?

  2. Thank You, Pinky. Yes, I made the flowers on my embroidery machine. Now, have you still got your machine???lol!?

  3. Gorgeous work as always Ger!!

  4. Yes you did manneged to get an early summer feel through my letter box a few minutes ago! I love it! And thank you for the wee goddie bag that came with it! I Love it! Thank you! X


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