Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The birthday boy and a few cards.

Our little pom, Herbie, has just turned 14. A good age for any dog and most doggy experts say that poms usually live to reach 15 so we had better enjoy our last year with hairy Herbie.

Beaded flowers card

Cat - vintage style embroidered applique

Some Fairy cards - same Tabbycat stamp - 2 different cards

Baby Card - embroidered applique pram also available in white on my Etsy site


  1. Happy Birthday Herbie! Have great day.
    Love the cards and i think on eof them is on my mantel as we speak .. its beautiful
    Lisa ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Herbie !! And I am sure he has many more to come too - he is adorable.
    Your cards and creations are gorgeous as always Ger.
    Hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend

  3. Happy Birthday Herbie!
    Love the cards!
    Did you have a problem posting your May makes on this blog as well Geraldine?
    Tags in the post BTW x

  4. Ladies,
    Herbie sends his thanks for all your good wishes on his birthday.
    Yes, Ayelet, I had a major freak-out trying to grapple with the blog....between myself and the volcano it is a no fly zone around here. Have posted your tag but with airmail involved I dont know when it will arrive.


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