Monday, May 7, 2012

Wise Owl Fabric covered Junk Journal

Have been thinking about making one of these for a while..
 So I gathered up lots of upholstery fabric scraps, bits of ribbon and embrodered lacy bits for the cover.  Now apologies if your eyes are insulted by the rough uneven stitching but its meant to be a JUNK journal not a tailored one!
 Inside of front cover showing pocket...
 Inside of back pocket showing section of pockets made from clear plastic copy book covers.
For the pages I used a selection of paper shopping bags, old envelopes, scrapbook papers, the papers that come in the middle of craft mags etc  cut them all down to the same size, folded them in half.  Then I machine stitched each group of 6 pages together down the centre then placed them inside the cover and stitched them on to the spine of the cover.  I made 4 groups of 6 pages folded in half ending up with 48 pages that can be used on both sides.  Plus the clear plastic pages at the back and there is plenty of space for any journaling and storage.

 Centre of group of 6 pages showing 2 rows of I could have hand sewed the pages to the spine part of the cover with a bookbinding technique but machining is sooo fast and the pages can be easily torn out and replaced....
Typical pages made from part of an Avoca bag and old electricity bill envelope

This photo shows the fabric back, front and closing flap of journal

Journal closed  with fabric tie
The gold/brown strip of fabric is the wired Christmas ribbon you can get in every chainstore (with the wire removed, of course!)
I love combining papercrafting and sewing in this way and this wont be the last junk journal I make, God and eyesight willing.
Thanks for looking
Ger x


  1. This is so pretty & the cover is AMAZING!!!! :) xx

  2. ooh this is fabulous .. i love the fabric cover .. that ribbon looks so luxurious
    Lisa x

  3. OMG that is a fabulous piece of art and craft. I didn't realize it was so elaborate in the inside as well as the outside. You have great ideas, great patience and skill and great eyesight too lol. This is really lovely Ger. TFS

  4. Oh wow, this is such a creative project and I love that its something practical.

  5. Great you are just a wiz at this and explaining what you did is perfect. Great idea my dearxoxo


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