Sunday, January 29, 2012


One of my secret passions is chutney making and I'm always on the lookout for nice jars to bottle my pickles....the new style Nescafe coffee jars caught my eye a while back so I started to stockpile them.  But they are too good for chutney so I gave some of them a makeover....
and turned them into containers for buttons with pincushion tops.   First I cut a circle of cotton fabric, stuck it on to the jar lid using a hot glue gun leaving an opening.  Then I stuffed under the fabric with cotton wadding and glued down the remaining section of the circle.  Any edges and dodgy bits were covered with a crochet frill and some ribbon.  Then the outside of the jar was decorated with flowers, buttons, more crochet. 

 What you see is only a teeny weeny portion of my button collection, lol!  Coffee/Buttons/Crochet - a great combo and a bit of recycling as well.
Ger x


  1. A great recycling idea Geraldine - I won't be throwing my Nescafe jars away in future! Love your crochet (I'm still struggling with mine)!
    Sylvia x

  2. oh Geraldine... this is a fabulous idea.. i may just have to make one!
    I too collect jars throughout the year as i often end up making tomato chutney when they don't ripen!
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Lisa x


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