Monday, September 26, 2011

Storage Solution - Bathroom caddy

I've been looking for some handy, portable storage for my craft room - something that didnt cost a fortune, held tons and looked ok.

Then I thought of the good ol' bathroom caddy that holds all the shampoos and scrubs but the problem is most of my crafty bits would fall through the bars....
So I had to make some sort of a liner to fit in each tier of the caddy:

Here it is full of the everyday craft stuff...

The caddy came from Heatons and cost €15. I found the pattern on this blog and changed it from round to oval.   All it took was an afternoons work, some scraps of fabric and now I have something useful and original.  It is quite heavy but at least I can lift it up and hoover underneath! 
Ger x


  1. oh wow Geraldine.. this is fabulous . Pretty yet practical.. what a fabulus idea
    Lisa x

  2. What a fantastic idea Ger and what a fabulous job you made of it too!!


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