Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pages for Vintage/Retro Sewing Room Mini-Album

Warning! There are going to be a lot of photos in this post!
Recently I took part in a mini-album page swap on the Scrapbeach.
The theme was Vintage/Retro sewing room and we had to use primary colours, 2 pins and a female image on our  6" by 6" pages.  The pages didn't have to be identical.  I decided to take the theme a bit further by making the 1st side of my page represent "Getting ready to sew" and the 2nd side represents the "Final Creation". Nothing like making things complicated! Here goes..

1st page....
The tailors dummy is one of my snippets and her head is made out of small buttons sewn on to a denim circle.  I added a sewing machine charm to the zipper pull.

The zip was white but I coloured it with a Pro marker.  The thimble advert comes from a 1949 newspaper we found when renovating our house.  The embroidered flowers are sewn over thread offcuts.   I have draped some elasticated gingham ribbon around the dummy.
There is a little surprise for the recipient hidden in the fabric pocket!
Close-up of the two pins:

The 2nd page:  Another advert from the 1949 newspaper that Dad put between the floorboards and the linoleum.  I made a blue frame for a photo and hung the dress (a snippet) on a wire hanger from the frame.

More details:

A little calendar style flap with my details underneath.  The flower centres are made from snap fasteners and the blue trims on both pages are Doodlebug designs.  I put a lot of detail (probably too much!!) on to my pages trying to get across the "sewing room"  feeling.  No crochet, no pearls, no gems etc   I was trying to get away from the ruffly pretty-pretty style of mini-album.  Now I'm looking forward to seeing the pages from my fellow swappers and assembling the finished mini-album.
Geraldine x


  1. Wow Ger!!!! These pages are so AWESOME-love how you did the zipper! Your group will be delighted with these-pity I'm not in your group, the papers your dad used were perfect for you to use too :) xx

  2. oh wow ... this is a work of art.. just love all the different elements
    Lisa x

  3. hiya ger , love your pages , the snippets are all fabulous but the dress and the dress form are both gorgeous you are very talented x i am taking part in the same swap x love love love your pages x tfs

  4. WOW Ger that is just amazing !!! your work never ceases to surprise me!


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