Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Birthday Boy.

Yesterday was our little pom's birthday.  Herbie is now 15 and enjoyed his day with lots of cuddles.  Although he is deaf, has cataracts and problems with his spine he enjoys eating, sleeping and putting manners on the local cats.
He is my constant companion whether I'm crafting or just mooching around on the laptop.  Speaking about crafts, while I have made lots of projects this week I can't show them yet because they are on their way as swaps or being held back for later challenges etc.  My Etsy shop has been shut down until after Easter because I have a lot to deal with health-wise at the moment and just haven't the energy to cope with orders etc  Still, there is Easter to look forward to...
Cheers and Hairy Hugs from Herbie!
Geraldine x


  1. oh Happy Birthday herbe.. hope you got lots of treats and hugs xx
    Lisa xx

  2. happy birthday hope you enjoyed your day

  3. He looks like a lovely fellow Geraldine,happy birthday to him.

    I have to confess I am always happy to have one or more of the dogs beside me whatever I am doing, far more reliable than people and they never criticise my crafty makes !!

    Have a good Sunday.

    B x


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