Monday, February 21, 2011

PAY IT FORWARD 2011!!!!!

I have seen this posted on several blogs on the internet:

"I promise to send an original creation to the 1st 5 people who leave a comment here.  They must, in turn, post this, and send something they make to the 1st 5 people who comment on their status."

The rules are:

1.  It must be handmade by you

2.  It must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011

Please do not sign up unless you are fully committed to making your 5 items!

Now, I think that this is a brilliant idea and I have already signed up.  If you would like to receive one of my creations (and it will be an original, not anything that is for sale in my Etsy shop), please feel welcome to join in.  Somehow, I feel that the spirit of this operation demands something a bit more involved than just sending a hand made card or an ATC!  Sorry to sound narky but it is Monday morning after all!   Also, I intend to have my creations made and shipped by the end of March 2011 God willing...

So please join in and share your lovely crafty makes with the world!

Geraldine x


  1. Are you still open for this? I would love to join in and pass something along to others. It sounds very fun. Please let me know if you're still interested.


  2. My email is I'll get my post up on my blog by the weekend. This will be fun!


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