Saturday, January 29, 2011

A touch of the Orient

This month has been very busy.  Real life has taken over and I am going to have to think about WHAT exactly to concentrate on in the future.  I have been asked to do a lot of different things recently: Give papercraft classes/do wedding invitations/undertake personalised embroidery for a clothing company...(big NO to the last two!).  I have given craft classes/workshops for several years now but I do not charge (or like charging) for them because crafts have given me so much pleasure and direction in my life and I feel it is wrong to charge for spreading the good news!  I have fallen out with people over this attitude in the past but when when profit comes in Joy and spontaneity fly out the window.

Anyway, enough of my are a few of my Geisha cards made recently just for fun!

Papers used are all Papermania Oriental with MS punches and my own crochet/embroidered embellishments

Geraldine x 


  1. Oh they are fab Geraldine .. i love the little Geisha's ... you are clever!
    Lisa ;)
    ps i made an edible DT lol

  2. Geraldine!! I Love these little snippets of the geishas :) gorgeous cards!!!

  3. Gorgeous cards Geraldine and what fantastic opportunities await you.

  4. Geraldine these carde are as always amazing .. you are so talented ,your crochet is just something else and the way you incorporate it into your cards!...superb

  5. Geraldine, you works is amazing, the geishas are fab!
    As far as the work you have been offered, Congratulations & I'd say go with your heart and whatever you think is best for you.


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