Saturday, February 27, 2010

Altering household objects

A few days ago I was in the Avoca shop in Rathcoole and spotted a beautiful teapot. It was covered in a button design on a beige ceramic background. Well, there were two things wrong with it; it could only hold about 2 small cups of tea and the price - nearly €35! So, I got thinking, bought a €8 teapot a few days later and custom made a button tea cosy for it. The cosy is crocheted and has about 150 buttons sewn on to it. That was the boring bit. The teapot has made several lots of tea since. It dosent dribble and I have already got an order for another pot plus cosy.

Just trying to make some Springtime decorations for around the kitchen. So I cleaned out a gravy granules container, covered it with paper, made a cone-shaped roof and decorated it with bits from a card that didnt turn out right. the bird comes from a Christmas decoration. The trails of greenery are crocheted.


  1. Oh my! The teapot cosy is so briliant! I need to let you know when My BD is lol x

  2. OMG I am just so impressed but especially with the bird house!!!


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