Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi there,
I'm sure you would like to know who won the brooch giveaway....... Well 5 people had expressed interest so I got out 5 Dog biscuits and stuck each name under a biscuit and let HERBIE the geratric pomeranian choose.....he had a good sniff around and didnt choose the 1st biscuit he sniffed nor the the end he ate SIAN'S Sian if you could send me your address and what colour brooch you would will be in the post asap. Now if you are disappointed bear in mind that HERBIE knows - he is older than you in dog years and there will always be another giveaway soon....................
Best wishes to all
you never know what surprises/delights are round the corner

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful broches my friend nona makes broches and little crochet flowers like this its a dying art well done they are beautiful i got your name from the forum why on't u pop over see my blog off to look at the rest of ur crafts now xx



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